The Heartwarming Story Of Colin (A Disabled Child)

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Let’s read the story:

We know Social Media for keeping people in touch with each other. We know Social Media for growing Businesses and making it possible to promote products and services even with lack of budgets. But have you ever heard of Social Media making a person feel happy that he has many friends? To make the scenario clearer let’s hear the heartwarming story of a boy whose name was Colin who did not want to celebrate his birthday because he does not have friends.

His mom started a Facebook page so that she could make Colin feel happy by collecting the birthday wishes for him. She posted a status that on March 9th his son is getting 11 years old, but he does not want to celebrate his birthday. He is a wonderful boy but has no friends because he is disabled.

He thinks that people do not like him that is why they don’t become friends with him. He spends time alone, and even in his office, he takes lunch alone. So she has started the page to make him feel contented by making him realize that he has many people who do not hate him at all.

What happened next?

The saddest part of the story is people’s behavior towards a disabled person. Colin said to his mom that he does not want to make people unhappy by inviting to his birthday party. He said that he does not want to arrange a party. But after his mom posted the status within one and a half week he had 60000 people on Facebook who were wishing him birthday and sending the positive messages to him. Now Colin has more than 2.1 billion friends on his Facebook page.

Colin’s surprise birthday party:

After his mom posted her request on Facebook people started linking Colin’s page. They sent encouraging words to the boy so that he could feel better and motivated. The Good Morning America hosted a surprise birthday party for him in Times Square.


The role of Social Media:

We can say that in the story we have described above the Social Media played a significant role in making a disabled child that he is not alone. He has many friends now just because of the Social Media.

Social Media not only helps people positively changing their lives but also helped the Businesses Buy Instagram Followers and made their way towards the success.

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